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郑家村的孩子们,ZhengJia Cun de Haizimen

Title: 郑家村的孩子们,ZhengJia Cun de Haizimen

Author: 汪远衡,Wang Yuan Heng

Summary:  (50-150 words in English summarizing the plot or action)

A short story of a group a children who band together to do acts of service and be beneficial to their community. While the adults are away in the fields at work, these children work together and secretly accomplish tasks around the town, and do so without taking credit for what they do.

This story includes several themes related to propaganda used by the communist part after the revolution. Lei Feng, a man whose example the children reference multiple times, was killed during military service, and later held up by the communist party as an example of admirable citizenship and devotion to the principles of the revolution. The Hong Xiao Bing was a student organization set up by the party for elementary and middle school aged children, encouraging them to support their country and communist principles.

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