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我家的大雁飞走了,Wo Jia de Dayan Feizou Le

Title: 我家的大雁飞走了, Wo Jia de Dayan Feizou Le

Author: 刘月华,Liu Yue Hua/ 储诚志,Chu Cheng Zhi/ 赵绍玲,Zhao Shao Ling

Summary: A boy’s grandfather is known far and wide as the area’s best goose hunter. He shoots the geese to sell them and make money for his family. One day while teaching his grandson how to hunt a group of geese are attacked by an eagle. The lead goose tries to defend the small goslings, but is injured. The grandfather, impressed by the goose’s bravery and selflessness, takes it home to nurse it back to health. The goose becomes friends with the grandfather and the grandfather never goes out to hunt again.

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