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成語故事畫集 6,Chéngyǔ Gùshì Huàjí 6

Title: 成語故事畫集 6,Chéngyǔ Gùshì Huàjí 6

Publisher: 香港新雅七彩劃片公司,Xiānggǎng xīnyǎ qīcǎi huà piàn gōngsī

Summary: This book is comprised of 10 different stories about various Chinese idioms. These stories are full of carefully drawn pictures on each page as well as hand written characters. From the stories we usually learn about a scholar or king who had a notable thing happen in their life. These stories help us understand the meaning of the idioms, which embody the full meaning of the stories they portray while only using four characters. This book also helps us understand Chinese history and the daily life of those living in ancient China.

(Questions from the last story: 世外桃源)

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