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中国回教小史,Zhōngguó Huíjiào Xiǎoshǐ

Title: 中国回教小史,Zhōngguó Huíjiào Xiǎoshǐ

Author: 白寿彝,Bái Shòu Yí

Summary: The first Muslims to reach China were merchants on the Silk Road, coming by land and sea from the Middle East, or what was then known as the Empire of Califat. During the Tang Dynasty, Muslims were only interested in trading and making money. However, during the Ming and Song dynasties more and more Muslims married Chinese women, built mosques, and started Muslim communities throughout China. During the Qing dynasty the Chinese Muslims were persecuted greatly and looked down upon. They participated in many rebellions, in which thousands of Muslims were killed. Muslim people were also a big part of the Cultural Revolution, as they sought for more religious freedom. Now Islam in China has millions of members and many organizations, but is still inhibited by lack of civil rights. This book is composed of two scholarly papers as well as historical accounts written in ancient Chinese.

(Questions from chapter 19 伊斯兰在厄难中的生长)

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